Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup
When evening calls for a glamorous look, you want to focus on making your eyes amazing. Here's how to apply eye makeup.

Golden Pink Goddess

Have you got an occassion where you feel like glamming it up for a big night out or a theme night ? This eye can go perfectly with that shimmery top or theme nights.
  • First shade the eye area upto the eyebrow with a silvery or light gold shade.
  • Next get your gold eye color and shade the crease and even a little bit up towards the brow. Make sure not to cover your eye lid with gold as it could be hard to let the pink come through when you apply it.
  • Now apply the pink shade to the eyelid and on the eyeline below the eye.
  • Dab a bit of the gold or silver shimmer on the corner of your eye and below the pink on the bottom eyeline.
  • Smudge black eyeliner on the bottom eyeline getting thicker as you reach the outside of the eye.
  • Apply eyeliner to draw a thin line on the eyelid near your lashes.
  • Apply two layers of mascara on your upper and lower eye lashes.
The Peacock Eye

It is better to wear this combination of shades with subtle clothing or you could look like you have over done it.

  • First start of with a white shade and color upto your eyebrow.
  • Next get a cream blue shade and cover and cover the eyelid and a little bit into the crease.
  • Next get a dark cream purple eye shade and colour the crease and smudge it around your eye. Play around with the blue and purple shade until you are happy. Remember to put on the shades a little bit at a time.
  • Line the bottom lash line and the top lash line with black eyeliner; going right to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Get a brush to smudge out the areas of the colour up to your brow and away from your eye.
  • Coat your lashes with two layers of black mascara to really set off this look.
  • You can also apply some false eye lashes for a more glamorous look.
The Sophisticated Pink Eye

This look is good for night time or conservative functions.

  • Shade up to the brow with a white or light pink shade. Next colour your eyelid all over with pink shade.
  • You dont need any eyeliner for this look; only black eyeshadow.
  • Line the lower lash line with black eye shadow. It's best to apply this with the side of your eye shadow applicator.
  • Next line all of the crease with the same black eye shadow. Next use a brush to gently smudge all the into each other and to smudge the black outwards.
  • Draw a line with a white eye pencil inside the bottom lash line. This will give the look a bit more pizzaz.
  • Finish it with two layers of black mascara on the upper and lower eye lashes.
Eye Makeup Styles
Here are some more eye makeup ideas that yo can try.

Purple make

Multi Coloured Beauty Makeup

Brown Black Makeup

Blue Yellow Makeup

Beauty Pink-Purple Makup

Glittering Eye Makeup


  1. i love your make up looks!!! could you please post a large picture of the The Peacock Eye look. thanks

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